Helping You Navigate the Dementia Journey

Welcome to DementiAgility! Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for everyone living with and impacted by dementia. Whether you just received a diagnosis, are concerned for declining abilities or are a care partner who wants to learn more, we can help. For families we provide consulting services and individual education to help with navigating the daily challenges of living with dementia. This is done in person or virtually and can help teach you proven strategies to ease into difficult conversations and daily challenges.

For professionals, we offer training and coaching solutions that will provide tools to your staff as they interact daily with people living with dementia. We provide more than information on dementia. We provide strategies and processes to interact with individuals by teaching Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care® and help them focus on strengths of individuals, rather than weaknesses.

Founder of DementiAgility

Hello I’m Karen

Welcome to DementiAgility, where our mission is rooted in the need for comprehensive dementia care education and consulting services. I am a Speech Language Pathologist with more than 15 years experience treating those living with dementia. In addition, I am a certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer® and a Certified Independent Coach, Consultant, Champion Teacher and Trainer with Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care® (PAC).

Some ask me why I do this.  After seeing a significant lack of education and personal connections with families living with dementia, I embarked on this journey to address those critical gaps in dementia care management. I believe in empowering care partners and healthcare professionals to provide exceptional care for individuals living with dementia, bridging the gap in training and support. My experience, training and dedication ensure that our programs, coaching, and consultation services offer practical, person-centered solutions. Join me in my mission to transform dementia care through knowledge and compassion.

How Our Process Works

Contact Us:

Your journey with DementiAgility begins by reaching out to us. Whether you’re a Care Partner, healthcare professional, or family member, we can help. Book a free 30 minute consultation.

Education and Training:

If you choose to enroll in our educational courses, you’ll gain expert knowledge about dementia, its various forms, and effective care approaches. You’ll also acquire practical skills, such as communication techniques and problem-solving strategies that can be applied immediately upon completing each training class.


Coaching helps solidify new skills and fine tune approaches. Through Coaching we encourage an open and active learning cycle of constant improvement. We’ll work closely with you to provide guidance and support to improve your care delivery for the most success.

PAC™ Certified Independent Trainers, Champion Teachers, Consultants, and Coaches are not employees of Positive Approach®, LLC. The opinions and views expressed by PAC™ Certified Independent Trainers, Champion Teachers, Consultants, and Coaches do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Positive Approach®, LLC or any of its employees.  Positive Approach®, LLC is not liable for any actions by PAC™ Certified Independent Trainers, Champion Teachers, Consultants, Coaches.

Helping You Navigate the Dementia Journey


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